Tendinitis and Other Tendon Issues

Tendinitis, tendinopathy, tendinosis are all forms of tendon issues that we see at Corsham Physiotherapy.

What is Tendinitis?

Tendons attach muscles to bone, for example the achilles tendon attaches the calf muscle to the heel bone. Tendinitis is an inflammation of the tendon.

The symptoms are generally stiffness, aching and potentially a lack of range of movement depending on where the inflamed tendon is situated. It can be quite dehabilitating and a lengthy process to recover from.

What causes Tendinitis?

Inflammation of the tendon happens for a variety of reasons, and usually the problem has built up over a long period of time.

Tendons have a very poor nerve supply meaning that the mechanism for recognising pain is poor – people can therefore continue on an inflamed tendon for a long time before the body recognises the pain.

Tendons also have a poor blood supply meaning that recovery from injury can be a lengthy process.

Apart from specific degenerative factors eg collagen bundles breaking down, tendons inflame because muscles become tight due to weakness or overuse, and increase tension through the tendon. This starts to stress the tendon and it becomes inflamed.

What can I do if I think I might have Tendinitis?

If you suspect your tendon is inflamed, then try the following measures:

  • Stretch the muscles involved with the tendon
  • Alternately cool and heat the tendon
  • Take anti-inflammatories (in the short term only, and always take advice from a pharmacist or doctor before taking new medicines)
  • Rest

What can Corsham Physiotherapy do to help my Tendinitis?

We can use a range of treatments to help restore function and alleviate pain as quickly as possible. The treatment used will vary depending on the tendon affected and your individual problem, but will typically include:

  • Electrotherapy
  • Medical acupuncture
  • Massage – specific to the injury
  • Advice on supports
  • Advice and exercise programs if necessary to prevent a reoccurrence

Please contact us if you want to discuss any health problem you are suffering with, our friendly physiotherapists will be happy to help you.