Pilates & Rehab

We offer a range of Pilates and Reformer Pilates in our suite at Corsham Physiotherapy :

  • Individual sessions including individual Pilates reformer sessions for bespoke attention
  • Pilates classes for beginners and complete novices to Pilates. Progressive programs in small classes.  Click here for more details of our classes.
  • Small group private sessions for couples, small groups, family and friends. Click here for more details
  • Individual Pilates reformer sessions.  Work with the springs and pulleys for a more dynamic and intense workout with our individual reformer sessions
  • Prehab and Rehab.  Orthopaedic surgery outcomes are greatly enhanced by a ‘prehab’ programme. Post surgery, a Pilates-based rehab programme in conjunction with Physiotherapy will help you get back to normal life.  Our programmes can help with shoulder, knee, hip, spine, foot and ankle surgery.

Our Pilates and Reformer Pilates sessions are held by Ann Barnes in our Pilates suite.  Ann works closely with our Physiotherapists with Pilates-based rehab for clients recovering from pain and injury and also holds a number of classes and individual reformer sessions

Ann is based at Corsham Physiotherapy: ‘I love helping people gradually understand their bodies and become more confident in their abilities over time.   There are lots of reasons people can feel below par physically – ill health, age, injury, having children, and a lack of time are some examples.  A gentle and progressive Pilates programme can be a great start back to your fitness journey.  We will work at a pace that suits you, working on your core, your mobility and your overall strength.  Feel free to get in touch for a chat or email us at the clinic main address if you have any queries at all’

To find out more information, or to book in for Pilates then please feel free to email us at any hello@corshamphysiotherapy.co.uk