Here we cover some frequently asked questions to hopefully cover any queries you have before visiting us for treatment.

If there is anything else you need to know, please get in touch with us at any time.

What should I bring to my initial consultation?

If you have any existing scans, reports or medical letters regarding your injury then please bring these to your initial consultation. If you don’t have these to hand then please don’t worry – we will take a full history from you verbally and we can always request copies at a later date if these are likely to be important for your care.

We will also take a medical history at your initial appointment, and so it may be an idea to note any medications you are taking whilst you have the details at home. This will help us with your diagnosis and overall health as well as decide whether individual examinations or treatment methods will be appropriate for you.

Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your allocated appointment time for your first appointment – there are some forms to read and complete before the practitioner is able to see you. If you need reading glasses, it will be helpful to bring these too!

What should I wear?

You may be asked to undress in order that our practitioners can examine and treat you.

It will be really helpful if you wear clothing that is easily removed, is comfortable for you. If you have a knee or ankle condition, then shorts would be ideal. If you have a shoulder or neck issue, wearing a vest can sometimes negate the need for you to fully undress. Two part pieces can sometimes also be better than a dress.

We will work within your own boundaries, and so if you are uncomfortable at anytime, or are unsure why you are being asked to undress then please say so and please feel free to ask as many questions as you want to.

Sometimes, the human body will show pain in one area that is referred from another area and so your practitioner may ask to examine and treat an area away from the main site of pain.

Can I bring a chaperone?

You are more than welcome to bring a friend or family member with you to any appointment. We ask that under 16s are accompanied by a parent or guardian during every session at all times.

If you would like someone in the room with you other than your practitioner but do not have anyone who can attend, then please let us know in advance, and at certain times we are happy to arrange for one of our own staff to accompany you.

Do you have disabled access?

All our treatment rooms are on the ground floor and we have disabled toilet facilities.

Can I use my private medical insurance?

If you have private medical insurance, please let us know when booking your appointment to confirm that the individual practitioner you are booked to see recognises and is registered with your insurer. We are registered with all the main health insurers including Bupa, AXA PPP, Aviva, Simply Health and more.

Before attending, you should contact your insurer to confirm that your individual policy will cover the treatment that you need. We have contracts with all of the major insurers allowing us to settle your account directly with them.

To do this we will need full details of your health insurance at your initial appointment including:

  • Policy number
  • Authorisation code
  • Number or value of treatments authorised

If we don’t have an arrangement with your insurer, we will ask for payment at each appointment and we will provide an invoice to enable you to claim the cost back from them.