Fracture Healing

We specialise in healing fractures quickly. We have treated members of the public, professional sports men and women – anybody who wants to get back to their normal life by having any bone break, or fracture healed as quickly as possible.

What are the benefits of fracture healing?

As well as accelerating the healing of the fracture itself, the benefits of having a fracture healed more quickly are:

  • pain relief
  • less muscle wastage meaning a much quicker return to full fitness
  • a quicker return to full mobility, again meaning a much quicker return to full fitness.

What type of fractures can you treat?

We see all types of broken bones, but the most common are:

  • collarbone (clavicle)
  • shoulder blade (scapula)
  • femur
  • tibia
  • fibula
  • ribs
  • scaphoid
  • spine
  • wrist
  • fingers and thumbs
  • toes
  • pelvis

How do you heal fractures?

We use a variety of specialised electrotherapy equipment, including LIPUS (low-intensity pulsed ultrasound), LASER, and shortwave. The choice of equipment will be tailored to meet your individual needs specific to your fracture. All the equipment works in a similar way, by stimulating cellular actvivity at the fracture site. This in turn helps the body to heal itself more quickly, by laying down new bone tissue at a quicker rate than it would do naturally. The equipment will also help heal any soft tissue damage around the fracture site.

Can you work through a cast?

The treatment is non-invasive and so can be used through casts.

I have pins in my body, can I still have treatment?

The equipment is non-thermal, and so we can treat you even if you have been pinned.

How many treatments will I need?

This all depends on your individual fracture, and your body’s own rate of healing. An assessment and plan will be made and discussed with you at your first appointment. As you might expect, the less complex and nearer the surface of the body the fracture site is, the quicker it will heal. Collarbone breaks can be treated within a week or two, whereas more complex breaks and non-union fractures of a few months old will take much longer.

Whatever the length of treatment, your fracture will be healed significantly quicker than if no treatment was administered, generally reducing the healing time by up to 50%.

Will you need copies of x-rays and scans?

Any x-rays or scans you have will be extremely helpful so that we can be sure of the exact nature and location of the break. This will help to direct treatment and give the best possible chance of a quick result. If you are not able to provide x-rays then we are still able to treat the fracture – we can physically examine the area to establish the fracture site.

How can I tell if my fracture has healed?

We will usually assess your strength, pain levels and mobility whilst you are receiving treatment to see how you are improving. If necessary, we will refer you for a private x-ray.

Who do I book in with?

Our fracture healing specialist at Corsham Physiotherapy is Consultant Chartered Physiotherapist Simon Barnes. He has developed the specialist techniques and fracture healing knowledge over a number of years, and has treated hundreds of fractures during this time.

A first assessment and treatment costs £80.

We remain open for face-to-face Physiotherapy. Virtual consultations are also available. Please keep an eye on our COVID-19 post for any relevant details. Dismiss